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Edward Stephenson

Edward Stephenson is presently Associate professor of psychology at Florida Memorial University, having received his Doctoral degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz, specializing in Social/Personality psychology. As a social psychologist professor Stephenson has, throughout his career, been concerned with the various social problems and issues that have impacted the African American community. Through his teaching and research endeavors, Professor Stephenson has addressed such issue as mental health, unemployment, racism, and violence. Much of his work has focused on addressing how these and other issues impact the social psychological and academic adjustment of students at a Historical Black College and University. Realizing the importance of diversity, Dr. Stephenson has been responsible for developing and teaching such courses as minority mental health, the psychology of culture and African American psychology. For the past several years, Edward has directed a grant funded campus based Behavioral Health program aimed at increasing student’s knowledge and awareness about college mental health and suicide prevention.

Phone: (305) 623-1404