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The Advocate-In-Residence Program

The Florida Memorial University Social Justice Institute will engage an Advocate-in-Residence (AIR) as a part of its annual programming. The AIR will be a social justice practitioner with a demonstrated record of impact and influence within their field, who will act as an exemplar of the role and relevance of social justice for the campus community.


To engage a social justice practitioner as a campus champion of leadership, advocacy, and community engagement


  • Orchestrate a service-learning project for the campus
  • Deliver public lectures for campus and community audiences
  • Provide mentorship for the next generation of change-agents
  • Conduct leadership workshops for FMU students
  • Service as an ex officio member of the FMU SJI Advisory Board

Benefits of The Project

  • Embed the principles and practices of social justice advocacy on the campus
  • Elevate the profile of social justice practitioners
  • Increase awareness of the need for social justice reforms to implement systemic change
  • Foster lasting partnership between the FMU campus and the community to effect positive change